Border Collie Puppies

Border Collies are sheep herding dogs, which means that they are naturally smart and quite clever. In fact, they’re sometimes so smart that it’s scary. They seem to see around corners. Border Collie puppies, in particular are fascinating to watch, you can just see the wheels turning inside their heads, it’s extremely engaging to observe.

The Border Collie is considered a medium sized dog (they grow to be about thirty to forty five pounds in size).

Now, in general, dogs fall into several different categories when it comes to height and weight, just like boxers you could say. There is large, medium, small and teacup sized. Teacups have gotten popular lately because of people like (should we call her a celebrity?)–Paris Hilton. Anyway, if you’re interested in Border Collies then you’re probably not interested in a dog that looks like a cat. Touché.

Border Collies are excellent family dogs. They are good around children and they train very easily because of their sheep herding backgrounds. Remember though, all dogs need training, and if you’re a busy person, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. We strongly recommend obedience school, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer…well, you should be just fine, just leave yourself an extra hour or two per day for about a month’s time or more.

Border Collies tend not to be pure breds, although they do exist, many times you’ll find a dog that’s a mix with majority Collie blood. Nevertheless, these dogs will usually be very sharp and on the ball.

Here’s a quick word on finding you new puppy, stick to licensed breeders and if you buy online please be very careful, we don’t want anyone contributing to puppy mills and the mistreatment of animals. Just be aware that there are some slightly shady folks in this trade. You’ll get a sense of “what’s what” if you are simply on your guard. If you’re careful then you’ll find a great licensed breeder who truly loves and cares for their dogs and their litters.

Border Collies do tend to have certain problems, as all dogs do, they tend to have flea allergies, renal atrophy problems, and sometimes epilepsy, so be forewarned. But, again all dogs have genetic tendencies.

Avoid feeding your Collie sweets because they will get very sick and brush their coat often because you will never damage their oily coats by doing so and it’s healthy for them.

If you adopt an older dog, don’t despair. You can still complete dog training but you will need to devote more time to the process. By training your Border Collie as a puppy you gain the advantage of a clean slate. Your puppy is receptive to new ideas and not fixed in old ways.

Border Collie puppies are playful and bouncy and want to jump on everything and this is exactly why you should consider dog training early. Rather than face the disappointment and frustration of seeing your Border Collie chew your books and dig under your fence, consider the enjoyment you will get from a well-trained dog. If you look at the situation from your dog’s point of view he will certainly appreciate receiving your attention in the form of praise rather than profanities yelled in anger. Training your puppy from a young age provides benefits to all concerned. Not only will your puppy be happy but your family will thank you for saving them from the drama that always accompanies an untrained dog.

Start early, make a plan, follow through consistently and your Border Collie will thank you.

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