Border Collies as Pets- What You Need to Know

Border collies are social, intelligent, and enjoy interacting with their owners. Some people consider them as one of the best breeds for pets because of their loyalty, devotion to the family, and obedience. The breeds love to make their owners happy and do make great pets if given plenty of attention and lots of exercises. However, for perfect companionship, there is the need to be prepared for their unique needs and behavior.

Regular brushing is a necessary aspect of pet ownership that should not be overlooked. Border collies have a double coat. To keep their coats smooth, shiny, and healthy, keep them regularly groomed. You are likely to notice hair on your clothes and furniture. Brushing off the hairs at least twice a week will get rid of the hanging loose hairs, reduce the appearance of hairs in your house, and improve the pet’s coat.

Border collies don’t generally need a regular washing. In fact, it’s best to wash the pet only when necessary. When you decide to give it a bath, use appropriate products. Human shampoos are not the best for the pet.

Separation Anxiety
Being very social, border collies suffer a complication known as separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone, and can be destructive to themselves. To prevent this, it’s imperative that you get a new dog so that they may be playing together when you are away. Border collies can be very possessive and may not get along with other dogs. Ensure that the dog you are getting is of the same color and age.

Another way to deal with separation anxiety is proper training. Leave your house for ten minutes and come back. Do this for a few days, slowly increasing the length of time you are away. With time, your dog will realize that you don’t want to leave it alone and you will come back at some point in the future.

Whenever you return. It’s good not to lavish your pet immediately with attention. Wait for about five minutes for it to calm then show attention by petting it. You may give it a treat, but only after it has calmed. By doing this, your dog will associate your leaving with a favorable outcome of a treat when you come back.

Border Collie and Children
Border collies have a herding instinct and will herd anything moving, including small children. If the child darts across the living room, your pet might try to cut him/her from escaping. If your kid is scared easily of aggressive behavior, the border collie is not the best for a pet. If your kids are aged ten or older, a border collie will make an excellent match.

Herding dogs are known to nip. A border collie is a no exception. It will herd everything that moves including car tires, bicycles, children, and other animals, and if it doesn’t obey, it gets nipped. Nipping can result in a bite and you might be sued for injuries. Though the herding instincts cannot be removed, the nipping can.

When the pet nips, say a firm no. You can also make a whining hurt noise. Teach your family to say a firm no whenever he nips. With time, though he can’t understand your language, he will get the message clear. Consult a dog trainer if the nipping doesn’t stop despite your efforts.

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