Training Your Border Collie

A border collie is among the best dog breeds you can have as pets in your home. For your success in training the dog, you should start when it is still a puppy. You can as well train an adult border collie to your preferred way, but it will take more time to learn your way of life as opposed to a case where you will buy a puppy. There is a specific lifestyle which the dog breeds will prefer. It will be easier if you will try and maintain the lifestyle of the dog. For example, Border collie will prefer walking outside. This makes it necessary for you to make an effort and take the dog out for walks for it to socialize.

Training your pet border collie

1. Research & Information

The first steps you should take for your successful Border collie training is to know the facts about the pet. There are several online resources which you can rely on to access necessary information on how to take good care of the pet and make it obey your commands easily. You can as well visit your local vet so that you will know the right steps you should take towards training your pet on how to obey different commands. You should always start early if you will like your puppy to learn fast.

2. Be persistent

Whatever you will teach the pet, it will take time before it can master it fully. In order to ensure the dog learns well and it ends up developing the good traits which you are trying to teach it, always ensure you are persistent. It will require you to be patient. Sometimes you can teach the dog and it needs up forgetting about the things you have taught it, you should always be ready to repeat the process without getting made at your pet.

3. Make Him Socialize More

In order to find it easy when trying to let your dog socialize with other dogs and people, you should teach it on how to socialize. You can start by taking it to social places where it will meet with other dogs and people. Always be careful not to let the dog get injured in fights or bite other people if it is your first time taking the dog to social events.

4. Potty Training

In order to find it easy for you to live with the dog, you need to potty train it. You should be persistent and tech it using the same command. For example, you should ask the dog to go potty when you will like it to use the potty. This is among the steps you should take so that you will avoid cases where you will be embarrassed to have the dog in your house. It can take time for the dog to know how to use the potty, but with persistence you will finally teach the dog.

5. Use Simple Training Commands

Apart from potty training, you will have exercise and crate training. In order for the dog to learn all the commands you will be using, try to always use simple commands which the dog will associate with certain actions. You should as well let the dog learn your facial expressions or sign language.

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